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Benjamin Kuckuk Composer & More


Magical Game Studio

  • Village Theme
  • Main Menu
  • Boss Fight


  • Jig
  • Minimal Friendship
  • Fury
  • Pain
  • Frightened


Interactive Music

This is a small demo of a prototype for interactive music made in UE4. The key feature are the dynamic and smooth transitions that give the usual fade-out/fade-in a huge upgrade.

Tower Climbing Game

I wanted to create music for a tower climbing game, so I've made a small prototype in Unity. The music consists of several tracks that are added one by one when the character gets higher. This way the player perceives the constant change of height also in the music.

Increasing Intensity

Can a video game soundtrack show the player that something important is about to happen? I've developed a small demo in UE4 to answer this question.


I am a freelance composer and sound designer for video games from Germany and I live my two passions: Video games and music.

When I was five years old I had my first musical lessons and since then I have learned several instruments and played in various orchestras. At the same time I have played many video games, starting with N64 classics and LucasArts adventure games. These games have taught me the importance of a good soundtrack.

After finishing school I wanted to combine my two passions to make a living out of it and therefore I studied Media Engineering. Thereby I have gathered basic knowledge of audio technology, signal processing and programming. Hence I can offer you three services:

  1. Composing music,
  2. creating sound effects and
  3. implementing audio.

If you need some examples on what 'implementing audio' means, please take a look at the videos I have made on the left. My main experience lies in UE4 and Unity, and C++ as for programming languages.


The best way to reach out to me is by e-mail! This way you can ask me a question, make me an offer, or just say 'Hi there!'