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Benjamin Kuckuk Composer


Village Theme Loop
for Magical Game Studio
Main Menu Loop
for Magical Game Studio
Boss Fight Loop
for Magical Game Studio
Jig Loop Minimal Friendship Fury Pain Frightened


I am a freelance composer for video games from Germany and I live my two passions: Video games and music.

When I was five years old I had my first musical lessons and since then I have learned several instruments and played in various orchestras. At the same time I have played many video games, starting with N64 classics and LucasArts adventure games. These games have taught me the importance of a good soundtrack.

After finishing school I wanted to combine my two passions to make a living out of it and therefore I studied Media Engineering. Thereby I have gathered basic knowledge of audio technology, signal processing and programming. Hence I can offer you two services:

  1. Compose music for your game and
  2. implement this music directly in your game.


I like to negotiate the rates individually, as they depend on which service(s) you want to use and the length and complexity of the requested music.


If you have a question or like to make an offer or just want to say 'Hi there!', please write me an e-mail!