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Benjamin Kuckuk Composer & More
For Video Games



These videos show advantages modern video game soundtracks can have over 'traditional' soundtracks by arranging and implementing them in a smart way.

Interactive Music

This is a small demo of a prototype for interactive music made in UE4. The key feature are the dynamic and smooth transitions that give the usual fade-out/fade-in a huge upgrade.

Tower Climbing Game

I wanted to create music for a tower climbing game, so I've made a small prototype in Unity. The music consists of several tracks that are added one by one when the character gets higher. This way the player perceives the constant change of height also in the music.

Increasing Intensity

Can a video game soundtrack show the player that something important is about to happen? I've developed a small demo in UE4 to answer this question.


I am a freelance composer for video games and create all kinds of music, but mostly orchestral soundtracks. I always enjoy exploring new ideas and making music with an unique style. Besides composing I offer audio implementation and made some examples on this in my videos below.

My main experience with game engines lies in UE4 and Unity, but I can quickly adapt to other systems and tools. I am quite proficient in C++ and several scripting languages since I had also worked as a programmer.

Since 2019 I am an official member of the Game Audio Network Guild.

Finished Projects

All projects I am currently working on are not public yet. But sometimes I am allowed to publish a track from the current work in progress. You can listen to them in the 'Samples' section. Or you can watch my videos to hear my music in context of small game prototypes I have created solely for the videos.



When I was five years old I had my first musical lessons. Since then I have learned several instruments and played in various orchestras. At the same time I played many video games, in particular N64 games and LucasArts adventures. It was then I realized how much contribution a good soundtrack can make to an already good game. Is it this effect I am striving for.

After school I wanted to work in the media industry and therefore I studied Media Engineering. Besides other things I gathered good knowledge of audio technology and programming. After graduating as the best of the year I worked as a programmer but quickly realized that I want to do a more artistic job. I saw that I have everything I need to create stunning video game soundtracks. So I started out as a freelance composer to make my contribution to the video game industry.